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Angels All Around Us (paperback)

Greenlee Is Growing by Anthony DeStefano

Greenlee is Growing is a new children’s picture book by best-selling author, Anthony DeStefano. It celebrates the four seasons of the year, showing how they correspond to the four seasons of a person’s life. We meet the main character, Greenlee, when she is a young girl of three, in the flowering springtime of childhood. The book follows her through the joyful summer of her youth and the bittersweet autumn of her adulthood. By the end of the story, Greenlee is a lovely old woman knitting by the fire in the bright, cold days of winter. The book is meant to convey a gentle spiritual message about the meaning and cycle of a person’s whole time on Earth; about the fact that children are meant to grow and change in the same way that grass, trees and flowers do. Most especially, its purpose is to show that in every season of life— even old age— there is potential for profound joy. This optimistic message is sure to resonate with readers in these pessimistic, almost desperate times. Moreover, the book is about simple joys that anyone can appreciate, regardless of gender, race, religion, economic status or political beliefs; simple joys that never change, no matter how much the world around us changes; simple joys like running outside in the sunshine, enjoying the beauty of animals and nature, watching fireworks at night, smelling the ocean breeze or a blazing bonfire, drinking hot cocoa on a chilly but cozy night, and spending time with loved ones during the holidays. In revealing these eternal truths in memorable rhymes and magical illustrations, Greenlee is Growing will impart to people of all ages a vision of hope for the future.

Rivers of Blood | Oceans of Mercy

Tears of the Fisherman

By Kevin Burke, LSW

Tears of the Fisherman is the best book that I have read thus far on the subject of men and abortion. The reason I can say this is from my own experience with an abortion in 1972 after 39 years of suffering as I struggled to forgive myself. Every single chapter spoke to me as a man with the clear understanding of forgiveness for others and myself. - Brendon Fassett, New Life Solutions, Largo Florida

Tears of the Fisherman will help readers understand the wider impact of abortion on men, their relationships, families, faith and work lives.

Through case studies, personal testimony, and the author’s 20 years of experience in post-abortion counseling, you will encounter men devastated by unwanted abortions, the burden of shame and guilt carried by men who were passive at the time of the abortion decision or pressured their partners to abort, and the impact of abortion among the male prison population.

Chapters of the book explore the impact of abortion on relationships, male celebrity abortion stories, addiction and abortion loss, abortion in the African-American community, a grandfather’s story of family healing, and the recovery experience for men.

If you are a man who is confused about your abortion experience and wonder if the event had any impact on your life – this book is for you.

If you want to reach out as a friend, family member, counselor or minister, Tears of the Fisherman will equip you with sensitivity and understanding to effectively guide men to recovery and peace.

As you encounter the men in Tears of the Fisherman, you will discover that like the Apostle Peter’s painful denial of the Christ, they emerged from their journey of repentance and healing stronger, faith-filled and compassionate men.

Abolishing Abortion (Autographed)