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The Story of First Easter Bunny by Anthony DeStefano

Finally, a Children’s Book About the TRUE Meaning of Easter “A long time ago — over two thousand years — there lived a small bunny with very large ears.” At a time when the profound significance of Easter is often overshadowed by commercialism, The Story of the First Easter Bunny is a refreshing and heartwarming reminder of the true meaning of this most holy of Christian holidays. Best-selling author Anthony DeStefano tells the tale of a pint-size bunny with enormous ears who seeks healing for his sick mother by searching for Jesus and listening to His words. The bunny shows courage and compassion on his selfless journey. When all seems dark and he is afraid, the bunny remembers Christ’s words and takes refuge in God’s promise by calmly waiting for the light. After the bunny witnesses the Last Supper, the Crucifixion, and the Resurrection, he and his mother experience a life-changing miracle, and the bunny goes on to spread the message of salvation to all who will listen. His inspiring example is a reminder to readers — both the young and the young at heart — that God’s love is ever present and that when we trust Him with the confidence of a child, we find redemption, fulfillment, and lasting joy. This instant classic, told in charming rhyming verse and wonderfully illustrated by New York Times best-selling artist Richard Cowdrey, adopts the Easter Bunny as a symbol of hope in the Risen Lord, of the transformative power of faith, and of the reality of Heaven. It offers an inspiring alternative to our culture’s obsession with chocolate treats, dyed eggs, and cartoon characters of little substance. The moving tale of this endearing bunny who refused to give up hope will fill your heart with a song of praise and be a favorite in your home, classroom, and church for years to come.
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Greenlee Is Growing by Anthony DeStefano

Greenlee is Growing is a new children’s picture book by best-selling author, Anthony DeStefano. It celebrates the four seasons of the year, showing how they correspond to the four seasons of a person’s life. We meet the main character, Greenlee, when she is a young girl of three, in the flowering springtime of childhood. The book follows her through the joyful summer of her youth and the bittersweet autumn of her adulthood. By the end of the story, Greenlee is a lovely old woman knitting by the fire in the bright, cold days of winter. The book is meant to convey a gentle spiritual message about the meaning and cycle of a person’s whole time on Earth; about the fact that children are meant to grow and change in the same way that grass, trees and flowers do. Most especially, its purpose is to show that in every season of life— even old age— there is potential for profound joy. This optimistic message is sure to resonate with readers in these pessimistic, almost desperate times. Moreover, the book is about simple joys that anyone can appreciate, regardless of gender, race, religion, economic status or political beliefs; simple joys that never change, no matter how much the world around us changes; simple joys like running outside in the sunshine, enjoying the beauty of animals and nature, watching fireworks at night, smelling the ocean breeze or a blazing bonfire, drinking hot cocoa on a chilly but cozy night, and spending time with loved ones during the holidays. In revealing these eternal truths in memorable rhymes and magical illustrations, Greenlee is Growing will impart to people of all ages a vision of hope for the future.