The Miracle of the Bread, The Fish and the Boy

Anthony DeStefano newest children's book
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This is the story of a boy who saved all his money to buy his mother a special gift.  a week's worth of food for their poor family. But he was heartbroken to find out it was only enough money to buy two fish and five loaves of bread.  not even enough food for a whole dinner!

As he trudged home, he saw a huge crowd of people gathered around a man from Nazareth who was healing the sick and teaching about God.  But there was a problem.  The people were getting hungry.  

The teacher met the boy and asked him a strange question.  "Little boy, will you give Me your bread and fish so I can feed these people?"

The boy was confused at first, but then he said yes, and that's when a miracle happened!


published by:Harvest House