Duelo Prohibido

Duelo Prohibido, propone ir más allá de los aspectos politicos del aborto. Duelo Prohibido es un repaso fiel e impactante de las experiencias de la Dra. Therersa Burke, terapeuta de cientos de mujeres con secuelas emocionales provocadas por abortos. La Dra. Burke expone los obstáculos en el camino hacia la recuperación tras el aorto, repasa los distintos y profundos problemas de adaptación del posaborto e ilustra cómo podemos crear una sociedad más comprensiva y saludable en la que las mujeres no tengan que ocultar más su dolor.

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In this collection of stirring and informative pro-life essays, Fr. Pavone convincingly portrays the negative ramifications that the abuse of freedom and the right to choose have unleashed on our society since abortion was legalized.

My Bible study has a new believer, Jeff, who is very liberal and very pro-choice; he is a lawyer and wants to run for office one day. I decided I would start praying for him and that God would reveal the truth. One day, out of the blue, he sent me an email asking me all kinds of questions about abortion. I have given him your book Ending Abortion. Last night he sent me an email saying that he was reading your book and that now he had made the decision to be pro-life! I was jumping for joy!

Your Book will be a special blessing for all those committed to the pro-life movement, giving us much food for thought, insights from experiences over the recent decades, and an agenda with concrete ideas and suggestions for the future.
- Adam Cardinal Maida, Archbishop Emeritus of Detroit

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Fr. Victor Salomón, our Priests for Life Director of Hispanic Outreach, hosts this EWTN series (in Spanish) which explains the defense and promotion of life. It covers issues related to abortion and euthanasia. 4 discs-61/2 hours.

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