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What does abortion have to do with racism? What does genocide have to do with Planned Parenthood? What are the connections between the eugenics movement and the abortion industry? Now, Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics, with the assistance of many leaders including Dr Alveda King from Priests for Life, have put together the most persuasive evidence that where the eugenics movement failed to eradicate the Black community in the past, they are now finding success through the abortion industry. The video documentary Maafa 21 is opening the eyes and minds of people to the racist nature of abortion. It is moving the Black community to action against abortion, as they realize why they carry more than the average share of abortions.

The Biology of Pre-Natal Development

This is the most vivid, powerful, and striking videography of the unborn child that exists. It was obtained through a rarely used technique called embryoscopy, in which a video camera the size of a pen-point is inserted abdominally or cervically. It's light years beyond ultrasound and will make you practically fall off your chair when you see it.

Please help us to get this video to every school, Parish and Pregnancy Center in the Country! If you can help call us at 1-888-735-3448.

The Catholic View for Women

Six thirty-minute episodes of this new EWTN Series featuring Janet Morana, Executive Director, Priests for Life. This series takes a unique look at how our culture views women, and how women can take a stand against societal stereotypes to create successful, satisfying lives without neglecting their faith. Topics covered are: Body Image, Modesty, Contraception, God's Plan vs. The World's Plan and Women in Church History.

The Catholic View for Women Season 3

Janet Morana, Teresa Tomeo and Astrid Bennett Gutierrez are back, and they're inviting women all over the country to do a double-take at Hollywood's standards of femininity, as they tackle contemporary issues Catholic women face in the modern world. They never shy away from controversial subjects. Topics discussed in Season 3 include: What Catholic Women Think; Body Image Blues; Good Morning God; Think Vocation, Vocation, Vocation; Catholic and Divorced; BIBLE - Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth; Hispanic Women, Catechesis, and the Church. 4 discs / 6 1/2 hrs.

Item #3470. Suggested Donation: $30.00 (marked down from $40.00 for Respect Life Month

The Catholic View for Women Season 4

Janet Morana, Teresa Tomeo, and Astrid Bennett are back, encouraging women to do a reality check on Hollywood's standards of femininity, in the light of our timeless Christian standards. Tackling the contemporary and controversial issues all Catholic women face head-on, their fair and faithful perspective strengthens their fellow sisters all over the country. 4 discs / 6.5 hrs (CC)


The Catholic View for Women: EWTN Live Show

This episode of "EWTN Live" with Fr. Mitch Pacwa, featured Janet Morana, Executive Director of Priests for Life and Co-Founder of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, Teresa Tomeo, Host of "Catholic Connection" radio show on EWTN Global Catholic Radio and Astrid Bennett Gutierrez, Executive Director of Los Angeles Pregnancy Services. These three charismatic women talked to Fr. Mitch about their new EWTN series, "The Catholic View for Women."