Abortion Loss and Unresolved Grief Course Guide

This is the course guide to accompany the Educational Series on the Psychological and Spiritual Impact of Abortion. The 9 DVD set comes with one course guide. Additional course guides can be ordered here.

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What's So Bad About Abortion

This brochure focuses on the harm that abortion does to women. It could help an abortion-minded woman choose life. It's ideal to give to women entering abortion mills.

Voting with A Clear Conscience

This is the short brochure version of Fr. Pavone's well-known longer booklet by the same name. It explains the Catholic citizen’s moral obligation to vote and take an active role in the nation's political process. It does not endorse any particular candidate or political party. It stresses the fundamental importance of the right to life, and guides us on how to properly assess candidates, issues, and parties, keeping our loyalty firmly rooted in Christ. Product #3469. Suggested Donation: $.20 each or 100 for $20.00.

I gave [this] to my husband to read ...he said, "You know, that article about voting your conscience really changed the way I voted today." Julia, GA